Fairytale Fucks

Lip-lickin’ hot honey off a ribcage comb

the sound comes at me like a hot faucet, full

blast, then cuts.

Barbie chapstick pink like squishy and smack

the lids flit above eyes

that gloss up round the back

knead my skin, need my hold

grind galloping sea sail frolicking into the undertoe.

Steed, ride me,

knight knit in nightime

find me fluttering up from lifting eyelashes

bite your lip, I bite it for you

a hip slip implores you

to composure after sweet-brief exposure

unfold me, book bindings

light shines out from the findings

an index finger dive in

parting me down the hot spot,

down the prickle and pins

I’m pulsing needle piercings

pure pleasure pulls in

pierced and pardoned,

the princess departed,

and bitch wicked nightmares

pierce dreams


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