Man is Asleep

Man is asleep. I am awake, in my

bed, watching all the lifeless

dreamers with smiles on their faces.

snarls on their faces

tossing and turning and writhing in bed

from nightmares, then

lulled back through dreams.

Now and then, a horrible nightmare will wake them sobbing, only

to realize that all else are sleeping.

Man is asleep, but I am awake.

I’m having a cigarette, thinking

I shouldn’t smoke in bed

I must get up soon – it’s urgent

that I get up,

But I don’t know what for

I’m thinking about getting up

I’m confronting my existence

alongside what’s for breakfast.

I see some injecting, snorting, huffing

breathing their way back to sleep

And I am here

I see them reading their bibles

till they’re all droopy-eyed and

sheepish smiles, counting

themselves on a quest for blindness.

The morning floor feels good on my

bare toes.


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