Pan Performers

With cloven hooves and woven brews, You sing
The sweetest tempest of the sea, You bring
You shake my gut
You fill my rut
You fool of moon and thundering.
Twirl into my belly button, I command thee
spin me undone from my wind sung insides
Tie my toes in knots and push me down twine vied slides
Pierce the underside of my jaw with your fishing wire and string me up on the highest spire
I’m through with the earthly
and beginning to end birthing
I speak in scents and communicate in eyes
Your debaucherous harangue, my senses despise
Are we players or the played, I’ve seen only one show
And everyone and their mother are characters, dontcha know?
We all see it go down and look over noses, frowns,
in the lords’ contemptuous room
Although it stands higher, it’s the lowest tomb,
I’m prone to the melancholy mood
Wrapping myself in blankets, sheaths of mundane gloom
Turning face into pillow and sighing at the moon,
five more minutes, but the show goes on
At curtain call I lack the wherewithal
to do the play again
The chorus chimes in Shakespeare’s rhymes
I nod off in my hems.
Where’s the sexuality in this reality
the lust to get me through
to look upon brothers and dance without shutters.
Society pleas with me,
put on your costume
My gut wrenched grief speaks to me
with scissor sharp words
to punch through my stitches and carve curtain cords
This stage is a building and buildings are boxes
that cover our natures and cover our crotches
don’t play this little game,
do somersaults instead…
I’m insulted and faulted and run back to bed.
But not for sleep this time, no
but for self exploration
For indulging the bulging nerve of temptation
my quivering navel, breathes in achoos
I have no more to hate and no more to loose,
Naked as I am, I’ve got choices to choose
Charge forth, I do
in the nuptial hour
and take my place in the spotlight
spread as an eagle
speaking to the audience of opiated receivers
“Adieu, Adieu” I say, stoking their fevers,
turn and walk off trailing transfixed gazes.
Their jaws hang loose when they notice
how empty the stage is.

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