I liked to watch you stand

Here I sit
Cross legged
I watch you stand
Long legged
So perfect and straight
I’m bow-legged
Strong and wide
Go- legged
Square bottom shoulders back
I’m staggered
Long lines in the shade
I’m scattered
Sitting now
But if I stood
I’d still be looking up at you

When you stand
Back to face
I see your arms
Guitar embrace
A shock of hair
Along your chin
And perfectness
Along your skin
I smile sweet
Cos you won’t see
I cross my feet
And sink my head
Upon my knee
And take you in

Before you turn
I know your face
Yet still I’m shocked
Still in my place
Sorry-sad eyes
And down turned lips
Pulled into smile
Mustachioed lips
Just like a soldier
Thin and tall
And sorry sad
From so much war
I’m closed and cowered
You’re like a tower
You stand, I think
You turn, I sink
But still you stand


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