Old man

Old man builds and old man breaks

Old man sits with anger and shakes


Old man smiles and old man cries

Old man sits and blots his eyes


Old man hordes and old man collects

Old man sits and awaits what’s next


Old man ponders, old man reads

Old man sits and never needs


Old man cleans and old man fools

Old man sits and scrubs his tools


Old man speaks and old man yells

Old man sits battling his hells


Old man sleeps and old man snoozes

Old man sits and snores through bruises


Old man burns and old man freezes

Old man sits, coughs and sneezes


Old man listens, old man hums

Old man sits and twiddles his thumbs


Old man ages and old man dies

Old man’s family sits and cries


Old man groans and loses hair

Old man sits still in his chair



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