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They tried cutting open. Nobody tries anymore-doesn’t work. The worst comes when you see their family. Standing strong as they are told “the news”. THEY CAN SENSE GREIF in the eyes of the messenger – fear at the reactions. A tidal wave of emotion hits them with “Hello”/”We need to talk”.  You see their eyes become suddenly alert, flick open. You see their frame straighten up defensively; stand erect. You see them brace themselves. Then comes the mention of their son, daughter, sibling’s name. Questions are fired like bullets – “But, they’re okay…right?” “They made it, didn’t they?” They state what they want to hear then yearn for affirmation.


The shouders crumble.

The stomach hollows.

The chest rises/quivers.

The lips tremble.

The head sinks.


You’ve seen it before.

Some noise escapes from the throat.


I try not to listen anymore.


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You smell like lavender in a lavender shirt.

Don’t you remember our conversations?

When you jumped in the shower with me, and tried not to get wet.

Traveling my body while I sleep.

Crawling through my hair and brushing against my lips

You reside with me and bug me

(no pun intended).

When I saw you and the flowers, I was surprised.

All you ever talk about is nonsense.

I kill you with disgust every September

I mash you with all the innocent exuberance of a child-

so you can come back stronger than ever in May.


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