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April, Come She Will

Simon & Garfunkel. Puts me in a good mindset.


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January 31, 2013 · 12:59 am

A Candle Glows

A candle glows in darkened doors for me

To lead me on to better things than thee

The light shows how I can be brighter than

A river in the sky that empties in a sea

Of stars. The moon will be my guide to peace

And peace will show me how I can release

Emotion I have held so very long

At last! My soul can be a masterpiece

So bring your darkness, bring your pain, for I

Will never keep it nestled in my brain

As long as I am living I will show

That light will take my hand and show me where to go


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Cold Teacup

Glass keeps shattering on my heart, and the house is colder than I remember.

I make some tea to warm, but it’s too hot to taste. So hot that I won’t taste for some time after today.

Turn on the lights but they won’t – can’t do much. A flame cannot warm me half as much as a bulb. It flickers anyhow.

The sun outside is deceiving, so I stay here; grounded.

Blankets are piled in a corner and that’s where they’ll stay.

The cup is my only hope, but it too will break away.


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